Caves of Chiafura in Scicli

Caves of Chiafura in Scicli

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 Via Ortica - Scicli (RG)

Chiafura is an ancient district carved into the rock, which today has become an archaeological park, which occupies an entire side of the hill of San Matteo di Scicli. This is an area formerly used as a necropolis which was progressively transformed into a troglodyte settlement in the Early Middle Ages, coinciding with the Arab Conquest, and occupied without interruption until the middle of the 20th century.
Visiting the caves di Chiafura offers an evocative insight into the life of the people who lived in the caves of Scicli until the 1950s. It was the state, with a special law, that imposed the transfer of its inhabitants to the city as the houses were no longer considered safe places to live.

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