Mother Church of Gibellina

Mother Church of Gibellina

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 Viale Brancati - Gibellina (TP)

The Mother Church of Gibellina, also known as the "Chiesa Palla" is located on the top of a slight hill, at the highest point of the town.
It was built in 1985, designed by Ludovico Quaroni.
The geometry of the church of Gibellina represents a novelty, not only in the typological scheme of the building and in its relationship with the place, but also in the language for the architectural forms. The various functions are collected and distributed within a parallelepiped with a square base of about 50 meters on each side, further divided into modules and submodules, while the symbolic and geometric center of the monument is a large smooth sphere of concrete which constitutes a precise reference to the sacred. The church represents the materialization of an Idea consolidated over time: the perfectly spherical shape of the apse is a symbol of rebirth that expands throughout the valley.

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