Saracen District of Sambuca di Sicilia

Saracen District of Sambuca di Sicilia

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 Via Belvedere - Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)

The Saracen District of Sambuca di Sicilia is located in the highest part of the city and preserves intact the Arab structure characterized by a fabric consisting of open spaces, arches and courtyards that the population calls "the seven Arab alleys"or "vaneddi septa". In ancient times the district was part of the castle of Zabut, founded by the Arab emir of the same name. The neighborhood is divided from north to south by an urban artery, "Via Fantasma", so called in 1882 following strange apparitions of spirits and ghosts of Arab warriors. Inside the Arab quarter there are also the underground tuff quarries, the "purrere", and the Mother Church.

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