Quarries of Cusa di Selinunte

Quarries of Cusa di Selinunte

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 Via Ugo Bassi, 37 - Campobello di Mazara(TP)

The Cave di Cusa are the quarries from which the material for the construction of the city of Selinunte was extracted. They are among the most famous quarries in the world of antiquity. The Arabs called them ramuxara, today they take their name from the owner of the funds in which they are located.
The most significant element of these quarries is the fact that they were suddenly abandoned due to the threat that loomed over the city in 409 BC. for the sudden arrival of the Carthaginian army. The abrupt interruption of the work of extraction, processing and transport of the column drums has meant that today it is possible to recognize and follow all the various processing phases: from the first deep circular incisions, up to the finished drums that were just waiting to be transported away.
The quarries are part of the Archaeological Park of Selinunte and Cave di Cusa .

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