Cugno Mola in Cavagrande del Cassibile

Cugno Mola in Cavagrande del Cassibile


 Cassibile (SR)

The Castle of the Marquis of Cassibile overlooks the fertile valleys of Stradigò.
The area where the castle was built, almost on the edge of the rocky spur, was entirely occupied in the 18th century from a building, of which only a part of the ground floor remains and on which a neoclassical style villa was built in the following century, at the behest of the Marquis Silvestro Loffredo on the hill of Cugno Croce so as to be able to observe all his fiefdom.
The new factories have canceled or incorporated what remained of the fortification with the exception, perhaps, of a cistern with a circular neck, the body of which was gracefully inserted into the facade of the villa.
Architecturally, the castle has a quadrangular plan and a portal of ' arched access. On each of the four sides there is a row of three windows surmounted by a triangular tympanum. The interior of this residence has now bare rooms.
The castle is in poor maintenance conditions.
The Castle can be reached from these through the "Scala Disa" located near the "old mill", right next to it of the access road to the Enel plant, or through a suggestive path that from the Cugni di Cassaro runs alongside Cava Sant'Anna at the entrance to which, near the Cugni di Cassaro farm, there is an old iron gate. Cava Sant'Anna on whose walls you can observe some "oven" tombs, part of the more than 2000 that make up the Sicilian necropolis of Cassibile, dating from between 1000 and 800 BC. Along the way you can also observe the readjustment of some "a room ”in the Byzantine era.

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