Marchesa Beach Cassibile

Marchesa Beach Cassibile

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 SS115- Avola(SR)

The Spiaggia del Gelsomineto is located near the mouth of the Cassibile river , between Avola and Syracuse, along the eastern coast of Sicily.
This bay of fine white sand , bathed by a crystalline sea, is an uncontaminated and suggestive oasis surrounded by the Pineta del Gelsomineto , so called because jasmine also grows there. The thick forest of maritime pines is located directly on the edge of the beach and also offers an equipped area and paid parking. At the ends of the small gulf there are verdant limestone cliffs, on which you can easily climb. The beach is therefore protected from the winds and the sea is almost always calm.
The beach is also known as Spiaggia della Marchesa , as these areas were the seaside resort of the Marquises of Cassibile. It is said that when the Marquise came here to bathe, coming down from her Castle, taking advantage of absolute privacy, she loved to bathe naked, and that no one, for this circumstance, except for the servants, could approach.

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