Cava Carosello in Noto

Cava Carosello in Noto

Paolino.uccello - CC4.0


 Noto Antica, SP64 - Noto (SR)

Cava Carosello , or Cava del Carosello , is an enchanted place near Noto Antica , where in an oasis of vegetation and fresh waters there are clear lakes.
To reach the Cava Carosello lakes, you have to follow a trekking route of about 3 kilometers. You pass through the limestone canyon of the valley, with a well-defined path. The dense vegetation hides the wonderful lakes.
There are several lakes along the route, but it is advisable to reach the largest and most suggestive hanging lake, the one that has an incredible waterfall below about 30-40 meters high .

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