Church of the Madonna del Carmine in Noto

Church of the Madonna del Carmine in Noto

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 Via Ruggero Settimo, 15 - Noto (SR)

The Church of the Madonna del Carmine is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the city of Noto.
It was built in 1743, together with the adjoining convents, on a project by Rosario Gagliardi.
The church it has a concave facade with three orders, has a single portal, surmounted by a large semicircular architrave, dominated by a large shield depicting the Carmelite coat of arms supported by two winged cherubs. The simple entablature is supported by four mighty Corinthian-style pillars. In the second order there is a large window on the sides of which there are two pillars similar to the lower ones and the two scrolls decorated in full Baroque style with geometric figures carved in bas-relief. In the third order there is the belfry made up of three arched niches surmounted by ovoid pinnacles in Hyblaean stone.
The interior, in the form of a Greek cross with a single nave, is characterized by the presence of battlements inlaid with fine polychrome stuccoes and figures. geometric and floral frescoes or stucco. There are six altars, four of which with altarpieces dedicated to holy martyrs. The apse is full of valuable stuccoes and baroque battlements of clear eighteenth-century workmanship. The Tabernacle is surmounted by imposing pink marble columns, which support the entablature, richly sculpted with superb bas-reliefs and battlements decorated with gilded and polychromatic stuccos. In the center there is the statue depicting the Madonna del Carmine coming from Noto Antico and attributed to the Noto sculptor Antonio da Monachello, dominated by an imposing golden ray. This is a very precious work of art for the people of Noto because it was miraculously found in the rubble of the ancient city of Noto. Also to be admired is the valuable wooden choir that overlooks the choir of the church, the wooden pulpit, and a wooden crucifix from Noto Antica. Of great value are: the fresco on the vault depicting the Triumph of Mary over the Arian and Nestorian Heresias attributed to the disciples of the Catania painter Olivio Sozzi; the holy water stoups of the Church , which come from Noto Antica.
To the right of the church, there is the imposing mass of the former Carmelite Convent , whose austere facade it is characterized by a monumental arched portal and small windows surmounted by elegant semicircular tympanums.

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