Montevergine Church in Noto

Montevergine Church in Noto

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 Corso Cavour, 46 - Noto (SR)

The Church of Montevergine di Noto is one of the main religious monuments of the city.
It was built between 1695 and 1697 at the bottom of the slope of Via Nicolaci and was dedicated to San Girolamo.
Il Concave façade, closed by two bell towers, delimits Via Nicolaci with a maximum scenographic effect, which is enhanced during the feast of the Baroque Spring, better known as Infiorata. At the top of the staircase stands the door, delimited by six pilasters and two quadrangular columns. From the bell tower you can enjoy the panorama of Noto which can be visited with the permission of the municipality of Noto.
The Church has a single nave, surrounded by Corinthian columns with a classic appearance, surmounted by stuccoes and half-reliefs of angels. The presbytery is at the end of a marble staircase and houses a precious marble altar with a ciborium in a colonnaded temple with canopy, considered the most beautiful of the churches of Noto. The interior is enriched by the artistic canvases depicting the Marriage of the Virgin, the Deposition by Carasi, Madonna del Rosario with San Corrado and Santa Lucia and the Madonna with San Bernardo and San Girolamo.

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