Hermitage of San Corrado in Noto

Hermitage of San Corrado in Noto


 Cda Lenza Vacche - Noto (SR)

The Eremo San Corrado fuori le Mura is an evocative Baroque-style cave which housed San Corrado, patron saint of Noto .
The sanctuary it is located in the suggestive Valle dei Miracoli, not far from Noto, and rises in the place where San Corrado Confalonieri lived, inside a cave which can still be visited today, as a hermitage from 1322 to 1351.
The eighteenth-century sanctuary, located at the at the end of a long tree-lined avenue, it is in Baroque style and inside it houses a marble statue of the Saint to whom it is dedicated, as well as a canvas of the Madonna and Child dated 1759 and an altarpiece by Sebastiano Conca depicting San Corrado dated 1759. All ' inside the religious structure there is also a small ex-voto museum, which displays clothes, gold and silver, paintings, sacred furnishings and the relics of the hermit Venerable Pietro Gazzetti and, of course, those of San Corrado.
La church can be reached via a staircase that descends from the town of Noto or along the along a tree-lined avenue in the quarry where it was built, the so-called “ Parco degli Eremiti ”.

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