Nord Necropolis of Pantalica

Nord Necropolis of Pantalica

Salvo Cannizzaro - CC3.0


 Pantalica - Sortino (SR)

The North Necropolis is the largest and densest of the necropolis of the archaeological area of ​​Pantalica .
The Necropolis, dating back to the XII - 11th century BC, it has more than 1500 tombs. The North Necropolis viewpoint is certainly the most evocative place in the entire archaeological area.
It is possible to reach the North Pantalica Necropolis Viewpoint along the asphalted road coming from Ferla to the small parking lot where the road ends. From this you have to take a path that will lead you to the North Belvedere in about 15 minutes.
Alternatively you can reach the North necropolis from the entrance on the Sortino side, reaching the river valley, crossing it through a rudimentary ford and going up along a path which will lead to the North Belvedere. The longer route also allows you to reach the waterfall of the valley and the lakes.

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