Greek Arsenal of Syracuse

Greek Arsenal of Syracuse


 Via dell'Arsenale, 60 - Siracusa (SR)

The Greek Arsenal of Syracuse was one of the largest of antiquity as it could accommodate up to 200 ships.
The remains of the Greek Arsenal built at the time of the Tyrant Ierone II are still visible near the so-called "Porto Piccolo". The structure functioned as a shipyard, in fact it was used to build and maintain the merchant and war boats used at the time of Hieron II including the warships, the "Triremi", used in the battles against the Carthaginian military fleet.
Today it is possible to admire only a very small part in its purely basement state. In the stretch highlighted, large furrows are visible to allow ships to slide and put them in dry land for repairs or construction. All around there are holes for the wooden poles where the machinery for lifting the ships were housed.

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