Fountain of Diana in Syracuse

Fountain of Diana in Syracuse

JC Collet - CC1.0


 Piazza Archimede - Siracusa (SR)

The Diana Fountain of Syracuse , built in 1906 by the Piceno sculptor Giulio Moschetti, tells the legend of the nymph Arethusa, who escapes from Alfeo, protected by the goddess Diana.
The fountain faces south and highlights the figure of Diana with bow and dog, the attributes of the goddess of hunting, protector of Ortigia in Greek times. At its feet is Arethusa who stretches out while the transformation into a source is taking place. On the side Alfeo amazed by what is happening to his beloved. In the second order, inside the tank, we find four Tritons crowding two sea horses and two porcupines soaring on the waves. The tub has some masks and coats of arms following a classic style of shapes.

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