Pillirina Cave in Siracusa

Pillirina Cave in Siracusa

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 Via Mallia - Siracusa (SR)

The Grotta della Pillirina di Siracusa , one of the most famous karst caves in Sicily, is characterized by crystal clear water and unspoiled nature.
The cave is located in one of the most fascinating places in the Syracuse coast, overlooking the splendid coast of Punta del Gigante in the heart of the peninsula of Maddalena , within the Plemmirio reserve , which on its eastern side has two very small beaches but of spectacular beauty. However, its charm is not only of a landscape nature but also linked to a legend that tells of the love between a fisherman and a pilgrim.
The place is very famous and also of fundamental historical importance for the city of Syracuse, because in those beaches in 415 BC, the city was first attacked by the Athenian army. In fact, still today, in the neighboring countryside, the remains of the tombs of Syracusan soldiers who had the worst during the conflict have been found.

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