Museum of Puppets of Syracuse

Museum of Puppets of Syracuse


 Piazza San Giuseppe, 32 - Siracusa (SR)

Sicilian Puppet Show with visit behind the scenes

Enjoy a unique puppet theatre show at Opera dei Pupi (opera of the puppets) and learn more about this extraordinary Sicilian art.

The Aretuseo dei Pupi Museum , located in Ortigia , exhibits artistic-theatrical material on the tradition of puppet opera.
The "Vaccaro-Mauceri" association opens the curtain on the work of the Vaccaro brothers and on their fantastic world, where Christian and Saracen knights, wizards, witches and monstrous creatures find their place.
The Arethusian museum traces the history of the Syracusan puppeteers Vaccaro and Mauceri, showing visitors everything it is connected with the art of Sicilian puppets.
The museum houses: a library containing over 200 volumes on the puppet theater and the history of Syracuse; a video library containing the recordings in videotape and dvd format of the shows made by the Vaccaro brothers, also hosts interviews and films on the opra dei pupi; an audio library with over 150 music CDs with the pieces used during the representations of the opera dei pupi; a newspaper library containing magazines, postcards and various kinds of material on the puppets' work. The museum also organizes guided tours of the material inside, guided tours of construction workshops, and behind-the-scenes guided tours of the theater. It also organizes shows of Sicilian puppets, exhibitions and in-depth conferences.

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