Scea Gate in Syracuse

Scea Gate in Syracuse

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 Via San Cataldo - Siracusa (SR)

The Porta Scea is one of the ancient gates of access to Syracuse from the north side of the Greek era, it was part of the imposing defensive complex of the city known as the Dionysian walls.
The gate is located a few meters from the north entrance of Syracuse, where the Exapilon gate was probably located. Both one and the other probably connected to a single road axis that led to Catania. Even today the furrows of an ancient Greek road are still clearly visible in the lower part of the Targia crag and, in this, the deep furrows of the wagon wheels with small holes in the center used to allow oxen or horses to avoid slip. The opening is deeply dug into the rock and allows you to overcome the difference in height of the cliff by making a curve. This probably limited the use of breakthrough rams.

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