Urbica Gate in Syracuse

Urbica Gate in Syracuse

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 Via XX Settembre - Siracusa (SR)

The remains of Porta Urbica di Siracusa are located in via XX Settembre, in an excavation in the roadway.
The gate was part of the imposing defensive complex of the city known as the Dionysian walls. It was inserted in the walls which, starting from Ortigia, completely skirted the whole city up to the Eurialo castle.
Porta Urbica is characterized by a search for architectural decoration and monumentality, unlike the other openings in the urban enclosure. In fact, it was the main entrance to the city.
Today it is possible to observe the base of two quadrangular towers of over 8 meters on each side, which probably gave access to a road that connected the temple of Apollo and that of Athena , while giving a mighty defense for the city.

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