Statue of Archimedes in Syracuse

Statue of Archimedes in Syracuse

Licinio La Terra Albanelli - CC4.0


 Ponte Umbertino - Siracusa (SR)

The Statue of Archimedes of Syracuse is a monument that celebrates the genius of this scientist, considered one of the most important of all time.
Archimedes was born in Syracuse, where he elaborated his brilliant theories , died here in 2012 BC. after the conquest of the city by the Roman troops.
The sculptural work, inaugurated in 2016, consists of a base in white stone, on which stands a bronze statue facing the sea. The whole complex is 3.20 meters high and was built by the Syracusan artist Pietro Archese and the architect Virginia Rossello, winners of the competition for ideas launched by the Municipality.
The steps of the platform represent the figures of the Stomàchion, a geometric game invented by Archimedes whose pieces can be composed in numerous ways to create a square. Each element is engraved with the symbol of a theory developed by him: Pi, the floating principle of bodies, the volume of the sphere, the worm, the principle of levers and the spiral.
The statue , on the other hand, holds a compass in one hand and a small burning mirror in the other, another object to which the illustrious Syracusan dedicated extensive studies and to which a legend is also linked.
The work is completed by a suggestive night lighting.

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