Church of Santa Maria Santissima del Carmelo in Sortino

The Madonna del Carmelo Church in Sortino, also known as the Carmine Church, is located in the main street of the town, above a monumental lava stone staircase.
It was built, together with the adjoining convent of the Carmelite fathers, in following the earthquake of 1693. The works were completed in 1764.
The facade, in simple eighteenth-century style, is defined on the sides by sturdy corner pieces closed at the top by a capital frame. Above the round arched door, there is a large and austere rectangular window which gives light to the choir. On the right side stands the bell tower, built only in 1920, which houses three bells.
The interior has a single nave and has a large rectangular presbytery with a sumptuous wooden altar.
Of particular value is the monumental gilded wooden statue of the Most Holy Virgin of Carmel.
The church is not used for worship but is home to cultural events.

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