Church of Santa Sofia in Sortino

The Church of Santa Sofia di Sortino, dedicated to the patron saint, is one of the most important places of worship in the city.
The monumental building is a very fine example of the Sicilian Baroque style, of which the city of Sortino is among the most rich expressions in Sicily.
There is not much information about the date of construction of the building as due to some arson, which occurred during the civil riots in the seventeenth century, the historical documents have been lost. It is probable that the ancient building was already present in the fifteenth century, it is certain that it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1693 and that the construction of the current church began in the following years.
The building rises from the street below through a scenic staircase. The facade, divided into two orders joined by long columns, is surmounted by the triple-opening belfry with as many bells. At the center of the facade is the clock framed within spectacular decorations.
The interior of the Church of Santa Sofia has an apse structure, with three naves, to which are added the various side chapels. The naves are enriched with frescoes and stuccos.

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