Garden of Redemption in Antillo

Garden of Redemption in Antillo


 Antillo (ME)

The Garden of Redemption of Antillo is a parish structure, built in the 1980s, where meditation and recollection are practiced.
The Garden of Redemption today fits harmoniously into an idyllic and luxuriant vegetation and offers the visitor glimpses of great beauty : the marvelous greenery in summer and the coolness, the panorama, the silence favor recollection, meditation and serenity. The path is an alternation of oaks, chestnuts, pears, acacias, cypresses, pines, figs, olives, brooms and whatever else nature, in its generosity, has wanted to prepare for man.
Inside the Garden of Redemption there are already modest and elegant structures where religious, pastoral and social activities of various types are often organized throughout the year: retreats, conferences and study seminars, courses for volunteering, climate stays and days of solidarity for handicapped, sick, elderly, people in difficulty tried by suffering and sometimes by marginalization.

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