Terra vecchia in Calatabiano

Terra vecchia in Calatabiano

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  Via Crujllas - Calatabiano (CT)

The term " Terra vecchia " indicates the ruins of the original nucleus of Calatabiano .
The town was originally divided into the "Burgus", located downstream and devoid of walls and the "Terra", in the upper part surrounded by walls and dominated by the Castle of Calatabiano . After the earthquake of 1693 the "Earth" was destroyed and only the "Burgus" remained. The “Terra vecchia” is accessed starting from the town square of Calatabiano and going up along Via Cruyllas to the top where the Castle is located. Along the way you will find the Church of the Holy Crucifix, witnesses of a pirate raid. After the latter, the stepped path becomes a narrow path that, with a final ramp carved into the rock, leads to the entrance to the Castle. The fortification walls of the “Terra” have straight sections that alternate with the remains of two turrets, a sentry box and the jambs of the Great Gate. Only some sections of the walls, which have survived the wear and tear of time, still retain the battlements with Guelph battlements.

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