Mola Castle in Castelmola

Mola Castle in Castelmola

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  Piazza Sant'Antonio - Castelmola (ME)

The Norman Castle of Mola is the emblem of the village of Castelmola. It is an ancient defensive fortification of the Peloritan chain which, at one time, also included the nearby fortress of Taormina.
The date of construction is uncertain even if a marble plaque indicates the Byzantine era as a possible origin: "this castle was built under Constantine, patrician and strategist of Sicily ". Most historians, however, agree with an older building in the Roman period. Along the access staircase initially dug into the rock, the ancient Porta di Mola was inserted which marks the main entrance. On the top of the arch the key bears the emblem of Castelmola castle with three towers and the following words: "Castle Faithful to His Majesty - Year 1578". The door initially placed at the entrance to the town was removed to allow the construction of the current roadway.
Unfortunately, only the ruins of the ancient structure of the castle remain today, the remains of the mighty Norman walls, which are however extremely suggestive. From the castle it is also possible to enjoy an exceptional view that ranges from Giardini Naxos to Mount Etna.
The Castello di Mola currently houses the Museum of the Sicilian Middle Ages and is home to the "Falconry", an ancient Sicilian hunting art.

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