Archaeological complex of Giardini Naxos

Archaeological complex of Giardini Naxos

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 Via Schisò - Giardini Naxos (ME)

The Archaeological Park in Giardini Naxos is one of the most fascinating places in this area. Among a thick vegetation and magnificent panoramas it is possible to observe the traces of the first Greek Sicilian colony , Naxos , named in honor of the Aegean island, home to some members of the expedition.
From the new Naxos begins the history of Greek Sicily which, in the 5th century BC, with the dominion of Syracuse, will become an autonomous power struggling for hegemony over the Mediterranean. It was Syracuse, in 403 BC, to destroy Naxos to take revenge for its alliance with Athens. The colony of Naxos therefore had a short life and did not come to undergo the transformations of the Hellenistic and Roman age. For these reasons, the archaeological site of Naxos is a rare example of an archaic structure on which it was never built again.
Today the archaeological park of Naxos offers an unparalleled spectacle: surrounded by luxuriant vegetation and surrounded by a unique panorama with Etna in the background and splendid views of the bay and Mount of Taormina, it is possible to walk in the ancient city of Naxos, among its wide streets, the lava stone fortifications, fragments of sacred buildings and houses, altars and furnaces. The archaeological museum has also been established in the park.

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