Bennistra tower in Scopello

Bennistra tower in Scopello

Daniele Pugliesi - CC3.0


 Cda Scopello - Castellammare del Golfo (TP)

Torre Bennistra , a classic sighting post dating back to the 14th century, is located in the locality of Scopello , near the Zingaro Nature Reserve in the province of Trapani, in the territory of Castellammare del Golfo.
It was part of the defensive sighting system of Saracen canals and was in visual connection with the Torre di Capo Rama and the Torre Alba di Terrasini to the east. Furthermore, with the Torre di Guidaloca, the Torre di Scopello, the Torre dello 'Mpiso, on the west side of the Gulf of Castellammare. typical typology of the other towers of the defensive system, having a circular plan, with a diameter of about 5.50 meters, and not square. Internally it has a single compartment. The Bennistra tower, located 202 meters above sea level, enjoys a spectacular view: it overlooks the entire Gulf of Castellammare and allows you to range from the Zingaro Reserve to Capo Gallo.
It is possible to reach the tower from the village of Scopello, through an uphill path of about 30 minutes.

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