Ettore Majorana Center in Erice

Ettore Majorana Center in Erice

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 Via Gian Filippo Guarnotti, 26 - Erice (TP)

The Ettore Majorana Scientific Study Center of Erice was founded by Zichichi in 1962 in Geneva and moved to the medieval town the following year.
The center has its headquarters in four restored former monasteries. These ancient buildings have now changed their name to be dedicated to great scientists.
The ancient monastery of San Francesco is now called Eugene P. Wigner Institute with the Enrico Fermi classroom. The former monastery of San Domenico is called the Patrick Blackett Institute and inside there are three classrooms dedicated to Paul Dirac, Robert Hofstadter and John von Neumann. The San Rocco monastery is now the Isidor Rabi Institute with the Richard Feynman classroom, and the secretariat of the center. The Ciclope is today the Victor Weisskopf Institute with classrooms dedicated to John Bell and Richard Dalitz. The Seismic Pole, the first world network of seismometers is located in the Rabi Institute while the Paul A.M. Dirac and the Daniel Chalonge museum are located at the Blackett Institute.

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