Cathedral of Trapani

Cathedral of Trapani

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 Via Papa Giovanni XXIII - Trapani (TP)

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is one of the most beautiful churches in the city of Trapani. The church is located in the historic center along the main street of the city.
The church was built in 1421 at the behest of Alfonso V of Aragon, Spanish prince of the royal caste of Aragon and was later subjected to various alterations. < br> The entrance is characterized by a remarkable vaulted portico , with columns on the sides.
The façade, in Baroque style, has, in the lower part, a pronaos, while in the upper part it has a curvilinear course. The pronaos, enclosed by a wrought iron gate, consists of three bays, each of which corresponds to a round arch that opens onto the outside. The upper part of the façade, without crowning, is decorated with Ionic pilasters and has, on the right side, a bell tower with a spire covered with polychrome majolica.
The interior of the cathedral is a Latin cross, with three naves separated by columns. tuscaniche, supporting round arches. The central nave is covered with a barrel vault, while the two side aisles are covered with a cross vault; on the latter, the side chapels open, four on each side. The roof, which was originally made of wood, now has beautiful frescoes by Vincenzo Manno. The work of art was then completed thanks to the stuccoes of Girolamo Rizzo and Onofrio Noto. The transept has two neoclassical altars with geometric decorations in marble close to the back walls. The cross is covered by the dome, surrounded by four small domes and supported by an original drum externally with a square section, internally with a circular section.
Among the works kept inside the church, noteworthy are: the canvas Martirio di San Lorenzo by the painter Giuseppe Felice; and the painting Eternal Father by Domenico La Bruna dating back to the 18th century.

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