Francesco Scaglione Museum in Sciacca

Francesco Scaglione Museum in Sciacca


 Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni - Sciacca (AG)

The Casa Museo Francesco Scaglione is a testimony of a nineteenth-century museum of setting.
The Knight Francesco Scaglione was a man of great culture and immense curiosity and who loved to collect and surround himself with works of art and objects of considerable value. It was in fact customary in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, throughout Europe, that wealthy individuals created private collections of considerable value.
The seat of the Museum is the home of the Scaglione family, which the daughters of Cavalier Francesco bequeathed in 1969 to the Municipality of Sciacca, following the wishes of the father. The building is located in the historic center, next to the Duomo, in the place where the church of Santo Stefano, demolished in the 16th century, once stood.
Inside, all the rooms are covered with vaults almost always painted in tempera, and the floors retain still some interesting nineteenth-century majolica. In addition to the original furnishings dating back to between the 19th and early 20th centuries, a remarkable artistic and antiques heritage is preserved and exhibited inside.

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