Syracuse Area

Syracuse Area

Tourist Attractions

The tourist area of ​​Syracuse is the ideal destination for your holiday in Sicily, it is a treasure chest that contains many treasures: important late-Baroque cities of the Val di Noto included in the UNESCO World Heritage list; Pantalica, the largest rock necropolis in Europe, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the unspoiled nature of its reserves; splendid beaches bathed by a crystalline sea. For all these reasons the Syracuse area is a place in Sicily that you absolutely must visit.

When planning your holiday in the Syracuse area, you can decide whether to follow a historical-artistic itinerary to discover the impressive archaeological remains preserved in this area and the splendid monuments in Sicilian late-Baroque style. You can follow a naturalistic itinerary to discover its splendid natural oases or enjoy its wonderful beaches and its clear sea. Finally, the Syracuse area is the ideal place for a food and wine tour to discover the agri-food excellence of this land.

How many days does it take to visit the Syracuse area? You can choose whether to spend just a few days in the Syracuse area and admire its main places of interest, or choose to spend a whole week or more but to discover the immense artistic, cultural but also natural heritage of this land.

Syracuse, defined by Cicerone as “the most beautiful city of Magna Graecia”, is the ideal place from which to start an interesting historical-artistic itinerary to discover its immense treasures. The city of Syracuse has in fact been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with two different sites: the rock necropolis of Pantalica and the historic center, both evidence of the development of ancient civilizations and their progressive civilization.

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The Syracuse area offers a splendid historical and artistic itinerary to discover important late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto: Noto and Palazzolo Acreide. In the list of the late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto were included eight cities hit by the earthquake in 1693 and later rebuilt in a unitary and recognizable late-Baroque style that still characterizes them today. You can discover the other six cities by exploring the area of ​​Ragusa where you will find the late Baroque cities of Ragusa, Modica and Scicli, the area of ​​central Sicily where you will find the cities of Caltagirone and Militello Val di Catania, and finally the city of Catania in the Etna area.

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The Syracuse area is the ideal destination for a holiday full of nature: it offers naturalistic oases considered among the most beautiful in Europe. In these places you can observe the rich flora and fauna typical of the place and immerse yourself in clear and crystalline waters surrounded by a landscape of unique charm.

Finally, the Syracuse area is the ideal place for your beach holiday. Beautiful beaches within protected reserves bathed by a clear and crystalline sea. Picturesque seaside villages where you can enjoy a splendid sea and where you can take advantage of the many services offered: rental of deck chairs, sun beds and umbrellas, boat rental, snorkeling and guided diving.

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Typical Products

The Syracuse area offers agri-food products of the highest quality. Symbol of this excellence are the Pizzuta di Avola almond and the Nero D'Avola.

If you have chosen the area of ​​Syracuse as your holiday destination, we recommend you to take part in one of the many food and wine itineraries to discover the agri-food excellence of this land:

During your stay in the Syracuse area, we recommend you to try some specialties typical of the place that you will not be able to find in other places in Sicily. Here's what you eat in Syracuse:

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The skill of Sicilian master craftsmen is appreciated and known throughout the world. There are many artifacts that you can buy in the Syracuse area: Sicilian ceramics, pine cones and Moor's heads, decorated tiles, Sicilian coffees and caps, Sicilian puppets and carts, tambourines and other typical Sicilian musical instruments, clothing and jewelry in a typical Sicilian style ... But there are two types of processing typical of the Syracuse area that you will not be able to find elsewhere:

To discover all the local handicraft products that you can find and buy in the Syracuse area, select the location of your interest from the menu above and select the "what to buy" section.

Interesting Facts

Admiring the beauties of the Syracuse area, tasting the typical dishes and products of its territory and participating in events rich in folklore will make your holiday in Sicily unforgettable. But to add a unique touch to your holiday in this splendid land, to discover the most authentic Sicily, to learn about the habits and traditions of the people of the Syracuse area, we recommend that you discover the curiosities, traditions, interesting facts, the anecdotes and legends hidden behind a place or even a saying.


The legend of Alfeo and Arethusa

The legend of Alfeo and Arethusa, which tells of an eternal love, is intimately linked to the fountain of Arethusa in Ortigia.


Archimedes and his Eureka

Archimedes of Syracuse pronounced his famous "Eureka" when he managed to solve a difficult question by Gerone II.


Curiosities about the sword of Damocles

The expression "having a sword of Damocles on your head" was born in Syracuse, at the court of the famous Dionysius the Elder.

This wonderful corner of Sicily has been chosen by various directors as the set for their masterpieces. Through these curiosities you will be able to recognize glimpses, monuments and landscapes already seen on the big and small screen.

Places of Malèna - Syracuse

Places of Malèna - Syracuse

Several scenes from the film "Malèna" were set in the splendid Piazza Duomo and in other places in Syracuse.


Born tired - Palazzolo Acreide

The events of the film "Born tired" are set in the streets of the magnificent village of Palazzolo Acreide.


Places History of a blackcap - Noto

The splendid baroque palaces of the city of Noto appear in some scenes of "Storia di una Capinera".

If you want to learn more about this aspect of your holiday in the Syracuse area, select the location of your interest from the menu above and in the "what to know" section you will find all the anecdotes and curiosities related to that place.

Places to visit in Siracusa Area

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