Surroundings of Palermo.

The most beautiful places to visit around Palermo.

Palermo area


The Palermo area is a tourist area of ​​Sicily where art and history on one side and the sea and nature on the other meet in a mix of colors, sounds, flavors and smells that will make unique and unforgettable your holiday in Sicily. This area offers a fascinating artistic journey to discover the Arab-Norman itinerary declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Palermo area offers many possibilities for a beach holiday: high rocky cliffs and golden beaches follow one another along the Palermo coast. Finally, in the hinterland of the Palermo area you can also discover unspoiled nature where lakes, waterfalls and woods draw the landscape.

If you are planning your holiday in Sicily, you can decide to spend a few days or a weekend and admire the main things to see in the Palermo area, or decide to dedicate a few more days to this splendid area of ​​Western Sicily and immerse yourself in the beauty of these places tasting their flavors, admiring their colors and discovering their traditions.

The Palermo area offers a splendid and exclusive historical and artistic itinerary to discover the Arab-Norman heritage of Sicily.

The Arab-Norman itinerary, famous throughout the world for the magnificence of its precious Byzantine mosaics, is characterized by the unusual union of two opposite worlds, the Arab-Muslim and the Norman-Catholic one, and consists of nine monuments, seven of which are they find in Palermo: the Royal Palace with the Palatine chapel; the church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti; the church of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio or church of the Martorana; the church of San Cataldo; the cathedral of Palermo; the Zisa palace; and the Admiral's Bridge. In nearby Monreale there is another unmissable stop on this itinerary: the magnificent cathedral of Monreale and its cloister. If you are interested in completing this interesting itinerary to discover the Arab-Norman heritage of Sicily, we recommend that you also visit Cefalù and its splendid cathedral and perhaps from there discover the majestic nature and the characteristic medieval villages that characterize the area of ​​ Cefalù and the Park of the Madonie.

Many other treasures the city of Palermo hides: churches, fortresses, curious squares, museums, theaters, palaces ... You can see all the tourist attractions of the city of Palermo by clicking what to see in Palermo

Attractions to see in Palermo surroundings

Another unmissable stop on your holiday in the Palermo area is the town of Bagheria, the city of villas, dotted with splendid villas built in typical Baroque architecture.

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As part of an artistic and historical journey in the Palermo area, other places of particular interest are the villages that dot the Palermo area: narrow and picturesque streets, imposing castles, ancient traditions, precious and fascinating places of worship...

Another feature that enhances your holiday in the Palermo area is the opportunity to enjoy a splendid sea. The coast of Palermo offers several opportunities: large beaches with numerous bathing establishments that offer every type of service and comfort for bathers, the opportunity to practice numerous water sports accompanied by qualified instructors, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Palermo nightlife among the music, happy hours, dances and fish dinners. The Palermo coast is also characterized by the presence of high cliffs interrupted by suggestive coves where the water is transparent and the ideal backdrop for snorkelers and scuba divers.

The nature that dominates the Palermo hinterland conquers the visitor for the fascinating combination of nature and history that characterizes these places: you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and, at the same time, admire ancient remains, imposing buildings and suggestive villages.

Towns and villages

Towns and villages to visit in Palermo surroundings

 Altavilla Milicia  Altofonte  Bagheria  Balestrate  Baucina  Borgetto  Caccamo  Camporeale  Capaci  Carini  Casteldaccia  Castronovo di Sicilia  Chiusa Sclafani  Ciminna  Cinisi  Corleone  Ficarazzi  Lercara Friddi  Marineo  Mezzojuso  Monreale  Montelepre  Palazzo Adriano  Palermo  Partinico  Piana degli Albanesi  Prizzi  Roccapalumba  San Cipirello  Santa Flavia  Sciara  Termini Imerese  Terrasini  Torretta  Trabia  Trappeto  Ventimiglia di Sicilia  Vicari 

Typical Products

Your visit in the Palermo area cannot be considered complete without tasting the typical dishes of the famous Palermo street food. In the suggestive and picturesque streets of the historic center of Palermo as well as in the towns and villages of the Palermo area we suggest you try this experience so you can taste an unusual and popular dish that you will not be able to find elsewhere: pane ca meusa, arancine , crocchè, bread and panelle, sphinx, stigghiola, rascatura, babbaluci, Purpu vugghiutu, frittola, quarume, pollanca ...

Street food is also accompanied by excellent Palermo cuisine that you can enjoy comfortably in the many bars that are located in the Palermo area. Places where you can surely find caponata, parmigiane and other traditional dishes of Sicilian cuisine, but also the typical dishes of the place cooked according to the original Palermo recipe.

In the Palermo area you can also find excellent food products.

Next to a good cannolo and a slice of Sicilian cassata that cannot be missed during your holiday in Sicily, we also propose you to taste some typical sweets that were born in the Palermo area, whose recipes have been expertly handed down and that here they are made according to the original recipe.

Discover all the dishes and typical products and where you can taste them by selecting the location of your interest from the top menu.


If you want to take a souvenir with you of your holiday in Sicily, we suggest some objects, gift ideas and souvenirs typical not only of the entire island but in particular of the Palermo area. In the Palermo area you will easily find many typical objects of Sicilian craftsmanship: Sicilian ceramics, decorated pine cones and coppi, Sicilian coffees and caps, tambourines and other typical Sicilian musical instruments, jewelry and clothing in a typical Sicilian style... However, we would like to suggest some objects linked in particular to places in the Palermo area: mosaic art in Monreale has an ancient tradition and there are many artifacts that you can buy in this beautiful town; the Moor's heads, which have now become a symbol of Sicily, which according to legend were born in Palermo, in the Kalsa district; the Sicilian puppet from Palermo which, compared to the Catania version, has some peculiar characteristics that make it a very characteristic object of the place.

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