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Feasts of San Giuseppe in Sicily: the traditional Altars with Breads

On the occasion of the feast of San Giuseppe in Sicily it is tradition to set up the Altars of San Giuseppe. Find out what they are their meaning, origins and traditions associated with them.

The dishes and desserts of the feast of San Giuseppe

As in every celebration in Sicily, there are many typical dishes and traditions associated with the feast of San Giuseppe and therefore with Father's Day. Find out what are the traditional dishes and the festivals organized on the occasion of the feast of San Giuseppe.

Opera of the Sicilian Puppets

The "Opera dei pupi" is mainly the theatrical representation realized by mean particular typical Sicilian puppets of Chanson de Roland (Orlando's song) extended in time and space.

Live Nativity scenes in Sicily

The living nativity scenes in Sicily are a tradition that has been handed down for centuries and that sees many villages on the island carrying out spectacular historical re-enactments of the Holy Nativity recreating the magical atmosphere of ancient Bethlehem.

Artistic Nativity Scenes in Sicily

In Sicily, the tradition of setting up a nativity scene during the Christmas holidays is very old and, over time, great masters in every part of the island have created real works of art ...

Artistic Nativity Scenes in Caltagirone

Today Caltagirone is one of the largest and most important centers in Sicily in the creation of Sicilian Artistic Nativity Scenes. The terracotta nativity scenes of Caltagirone are known and appreciated all over the world ...

Day of the Dead in Sicily

One of the most heartfelt Sicilian traditions is to remember and celebrate the dead on the 2th of November.

The 20 most beautiful carnivals in Sicily

The tradition of Carnival in Sicily is deeply felt. We have selected the most beautiful carnivals to be held in Sicily in 2023. Discover the traditions, uses, customs, food and wine tastings and other scheduled events.

The most unusual and folk carnivals of Sicily

In Sicily, the Carnival is also an opportunity to revive ancient traditions and recall historical facts with a pinch of irony and a lot of joy. We have selected the most unusual, original, traditional and rich in folklore carnivals that will be held in Sicily in 2023.