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If you are planning your holiday in Sicily, one of the destinations you absolutely must visit is the Taormina area. The splendid village of Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean, alone offers everything a traveler could wish for: monuments of considerable value, breathtaking views and landscapes, a splendid sea, shops, clubs, restaurants...
But Taormina is also the hub of a marvelous area dotted with picturesque villages and where unspoiled nature offers a unique spectacle in the world: the majestic Alcantara gorges.

You can decide to spend a few days or a weekend in the Taormina area and admire just the main beauties of the place, or spend a few more days and fully enjoy your holiday in these splendid places by discovering their little hidden treasures, flavors and traditions.

When planning your holiday in this suggestive corner of Sicily, it is natural to start from its pearl: Taormina, set on a splendid natural terrace, is a unique combination of art, history, nature, sea, entertainment... from its Greek theater, of imposing beauty, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world.
Isola Bella offers unusual landscapes, clear waters and splendid backdrops. Corso Umberto in Taormina is a succession of pretty and picturesque clubs, shops, restaurants...

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What to see in Taormina

Continuing through an itinerary in the area of ​​Taormina we reach Giardini Naxos, small seaside village that rises at the foot of Taormina. Giardini Naxos is the first Greek colony of Sicily and it preserves an extraordinary archaeological park, but also a splendid seaside town that boasts beaches considered among the most beautiful in the whole Ionian Sea.

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What to see in Giardini Naxos

The area of ​​Taormina also offers a spectacular naturalistic itinerary in the Alcantara river valley which culminates with the discovery of its impressive gorges: deep canyons with spectacular lava walls with basaltic prisms. There are several activities to practice to discover these places: trekking, bike tour, river trekking, canoeing, body rafting and baby body rafting, shuttle tour and Nordic walking.

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The Taormina area also offers an interesting historical-artistic journey to discover the wonderful villages that dot this area. Immersing yourself in a surreal atmosphere along narrow streets, lingering in the charming squares, admiring impressive castles and ancient monuments, will enrich your holiday in Sicily.

The area of ​​Taormina is the ideal place for your beach holiday, it has beautiful beaches that offer all the comforts for the bather but also hides suggestive views and magnificent caves. There are many possibilities to discover these little hidden treasures: boat tours, rental of rafts, canoes, kayaks, jet skis ...
The multiplicity and variety of services offered allow you to practice any type of water sport but also offer the possibility of fly over this wonderful area aboard hang gliders, parasailing, paragliders...

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Towns and Villages

Towns and Villages to visit in Taormina surroundings

 Antillo  Calatabiano  Castelmola  Castiglione di Sicilia  Fiumefreddo  Forza d'Agrò  Francavilla di Sicilia  Giardini Naxos  Motta Camastra  Parco Fluviale dell'Alcantara  Savoca  Taormina 

Events, Festivals and Fairs

Traditional and Religious Festivals, Historical reenactments, Exhibitions, Musical enterteinment, Sport events, guided Tour,...

Typical Products

Typical food and drinks to taste in Taormina area

To fully experience the holiday in Sicily, you have to stop and taste the local products and the typical specialties of the island in general and of the Taormina area in particular. Among the typical agri-food products of these places we recommend:

In the Taormina area you can certainly easily find the typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine, granitas, cannoli, parmigiane, caponate ... and enjoy them in the many clubs, bars and restaurants in the area. But trying the typical dishes of the Taormina area is an opportunity not to be missed: the recipe for each dish is jealously handed down for generations and only in the place where it was born, the dish retains its authentic flavor.

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Typical and traditional sicilian items to buy in Taormina area

The Taormina area is the ideal place for your shopping: Sicilian ceramics, pine cones and Moor's heads, decorated tiles, wrought iron objects, Sicilian puppets, tambourines and other typical Sicilian musical instruments... in this area you will find a large assortment of typical Sicilian clothing and hand-made textiles.

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Interesting Facts

Interesting and fun facts, legends, traditions and folk tales to know about Taormina Area

After having admired the beauties of this island, tasted its culinary excellence, having taken part in entertainment and folklore events, discovered the small masterpieces created by the skilled hands of Sicilian master craftsmen, all that remains is to immerse yourself in the Sicilian, discovering the interesting facts, traditions, fun facts, anecdotes hidden in the places of this splendid area of ​​Sicily, the area of ​​Taormina.

The beauty of this area has always enchanted poets, writers, artists but also directors. The list of films shot in Taormina and its surroundings is really very long. "The Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola deserves a special mention, considered one of the best films ever made, which has found numerous sets in the Taormina area.

Castle of Slaves places of the Godfather

Castle of Slaves: places of the Godfather

The Castle of the Slaves is famous throughout the world because it was used as a set in the film trilogy "The Godfather"...

Places of The Godfather in Savoca

Places of The Godfather - Savoca

Savoca and the Vitelli Bar have become famous throughout the world as the set of some scenes of The Godfather...

Places of The Godfather in Motta Camastra

Places of "The Godfather" - Motta Camastra

The village of Motta Camastra is famous all over the world because it is the "Corleone" in the film "The Godfather"...

Many other successful films have been shot in this area, and seeing the places already seen in a film always gives a little emotion.

places of cars 2

Places of "Cars 2" - Forza D'Agrò

The Church di Forza D'Agrò was designed to become the set of some scene of the animated film Cars 2...

Places of Johnny Stecchino in Taormina

Places of "Johnny Stecchino" - Taormina

In the film "Johnny Stecchino" the famous scene in which Dante steals the banana in a greengrocer is shot in Taormina...

Places of Le Grand Bleu in Taormina

Places of "Le Grand Bleu" - Taormina

Taormina and its splendid sea were the setting for the film Le Grand Bleu, a film in which the sea is the protagonist...

The area of ​​Taormina is a land full of treasures ... not only figuratively but also literally. Ancient tales, handed down from generation to generation, reveal the place where immense treasures are kept.
These tales are part of the "Truvatura", an ancient Sicilian belief according to which great hidden treasures are protected by goblins, gnomes, demons or brigands and can only materialize following the execution of rituals to break bond spells.

Truvatura of Monte Venere

Truvatura of Monte Venere

A legend very much alive in the memory of village of Castelmola is that of "truvatura", or rather the discovery of a treasure...


Legend of the epigraph in Calatabiano

In Calatabiano, on the main portal of the church of the Holy Crucifix there is an epigraph and a legend was born about it...


"Trovatura" of mount Balsamà in Castiglione

The legend of Mount Balsamà, in Castiglione di Sicilia, is linked to the "finding" of a hidden treasure...

The area of ​​Taormina is an ancient land: its origins are shrouded in myth, fantastic creatures inhabit it, ancient traditions still survive ...

The legend of Theocles

The legend of Theocles

The legend of Theocles explains the origin of ancient city of Naxos, the first Greek colony in Sicily...

Legend of dragon of Alcantara gorges

Legend of dragon of Alcantara gorges

The legend of the dragon of the Alcantara Gorges tells of a monstrous creature that inhabited the waters of the river...

The cult of the Dead in Savoca

The cult of the Dead in Savoca

In the village of Savoca the cult of the dead was deeply felt and this led to the birth of very particular rites...

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