Trapani area and Egadi Islands

Trapani area and Egadi Islands

Touristic Attractions

What to see in Trapani area and Egadi Islands

During your holiday in Sicily a destination not to be missed is the Trapani area with its magnificent Egadi islands. This wonderful corner of Sicily offers everything you can look for in a holiday: splendid places to visit, monuments to admire, extraordinary and unusual landscapes, and a splendid sea that with its colors is a unique charm to the whole Trapani coast.

When planning your holiday in the Trapani area, you can decide to follow a historical-artistic itinerary to discover caves inhabited since ancient times, ancient colonies, fascinating medieval villages; you can follow a naturalistic itinerary in the name of adventure and sport in the protected areas and nature reserves of this beautiful area of ​​Sicily; you can take a beach holiday dedicated to relaxation and fun ...

If you are wondering how long it takes to visit the Trapani area, read on.

How many days does it take to visit the Trapani area?

According to your needs, you can choose whether to dedicate just a few days to visiting the Trapani area admiring the main beauties of the place, or choose to spend an entire week (or even more) and experience your holiday immersing yourself in the colors, flavors and scents of this wonderful corner of Sicily.

During your visit to the Trapani area, a destination for your holiday will certainly be the city of Trapani with its salt pans that offer a truly suggestive landscape. But the city of Trapani is also rich in monuments and art that you can discover during your stay in this area.

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As part of a historical-cultural itinerary in the Trapani area, another essential destination of the your holiday in the Trapani area is the medieval village of Erice where art, culture, history and landscapes come together, giving the visitor emotions unique.

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Within a historical, artistic and cultural itinerary, the area of ​​Trapani has much more to offer: in this area there are archaeological sites of world significance.

Many other places in the Trapani area preserve monuments of considerable value: imposing castles, suggestive caves, religious buildings,...

To discover the attractions of each location, select the one you are interested in from the menu above.

The Trapani area is also an ideal destination for sea lovers. The sea of ​​the Trapani coast offers wide beaches, suggestive inlets, splendid stacks that give these places a unique charm. There are so many services offered, from the rental of deck chairs and umbrellas for a relaxing holiday, to the rental of boats and boats for a journey to discover the unspoiled corners of the Trapani coast. The Trapani area is considered the ideal destination for all water sports activities: sailing, flyboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, ... Finally, for diving enthusiasts we suggest a tour to discover the Trapani coral reef.

For true lovers of the sea, for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts, in the Trapani area, there is another unmissable destination: the Egadi islands. Reaching the Egadi Islands from Trapani is really very simple: they are enough just 40 minutes by hydrofoil to land on the wonderful island of Favignana, the largest island in the Egadi archipelago. In the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, the three islands that make up the Egadi archipelago, the views, landscapes, coasts, beaches, coves, caves, the sea and its depths offer the visitor unique emotions.

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To discover all the places to visit and all the attractions of the Trapani area, select from top menu the location of your interest.

Things to do

Traditional and Religious Festivals, Historical reenactments, Exhibitions, Musical enterteinment, Sport events, guided Tour,...

Typical Products

What to eat in Trapani Area?

If you want to find out what you eat in the Trapani area, read on.

To fully enjoy your holiday in the Trapani area you must definitely try the flavors of this land. The cuisine of the Trapani area tells us the story of these beautiful places: the Trapani area preserves an ancient culinary tradition that is affected by the many influences and exchanges that, over the centuries, these seafaring cities have had with neighboring countries. Here's what you eat in Trapani: cous cous from Trapani, pasta with pesto alla trapanese, pasta with mataroccu, salomoreci and much more.

Sicily in general, the Trapani area in particular, also offers agri-food products of absolute excellence. Among these the Marsala Doc stands out, a fortified wine considered among the best in the world.

To conclude your food and wine tour you can taste some of the typical sweets of the Trapani area that you will not find in other places in Sicily... perhaps accompanied by a good Marsala DOC.

To find out what you can eat in the Trapani area, select the location of your interest and find out what and where to eat.

Things to buy

If you want to take with you a souvenir of your holiday in Sicily, in the Trapani area you can buy many typical Sicilian products: Sicilian ceramic plates and bowls, pine cones and Moor's heads, coffees and other objects of the dwarf palm processing, Sicilian carts and puppets, Sicilian spinning tops, tambourines, marranzani and Sicilian whistles, clothing and jewelry in typical Sicilian style… There are some products, however of typical handicrafts that you can find exclusively in the Trapani area because they are linked to ancient local traditions handed down from generation to generation up to the present day: masterful processing of the red coral of Trapani, Erice ceramics and the typical Erice rugs.

To find out what to buy in the Trapani area, select the location of your interest and find out what and where to buy.

Interesting and Fun Facts

After having discovered all the beauties of the territory, after having tasted the flavors of this land, after having taken part in events rich in folklore, after having admired the mastery of Sicilian artisans, an aspect that will add even more charm to your holiday in the area of Trapani is knowing the curiosities, anecdotes, legends, interesting facts hidden behind a place, an event, an object, a tradition.

The Trapani area is a land rich in history, and legend is often accompanied by history. There are many legends hidden behind the many places rich in history of this territory.

Legend on the origin of Trapani

Legend on the origin of Trapani

The birth of Trapani is linked to mythology and to the sickle shape that the strip of land on which it stands takes on.

Legend of the Sibyl of Cuma

Legend of the Sibyl of Cuma

In Sicily the Sibyl of Cuma has been identified with the Sibyl of Lillibeo, today Marsala, where she was said to live in a cave.

Legend of the Cuba of Roses

Legend of the Cuba of Roses

Several legends are linked to the Cuba delle Rose, an ancient Arab cistern near the Castle of Calatubo in Alcamo.

The Trapani area offers suggestive scenarios chosen by numerous directors for the scenes of their films or by famous brands for their commercials.

Ocean twelve - Tonnara of Scopello

Ocean's twelve - Tonnara of Scopello

The trap of Scopello and its stacks were the set for some scenes of the film "Ocean's twelve".

Inspector Montalbano - Tonnara Scopello

"Inspector Montalbano" - Tonnara Scopello

Some scenes of an episode of the television series "Il commissario Montalbano" were shot at the Tonnara di Scopello.

Spot Dolce and Gabbana - Mangiapane Cave

Spot Dolce and Gabbana - Mangiapane Cave

The Mangiapane Cave in Custunaci was the set of an advertising spot for the Dolce and Gabbana clothing collection.

If you want to learn more about this aspect, select the location of your interest from the menu above and in the section what to know you will find all the anecdotes and curiosities related to that place.

Places to visit in Trapani area

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