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Tourist Attractions

The tourist area of ​​Cefalù and the Madonie Park is a destination that cannot be missed in Sicily. In this area you will find an important stop on the Arab-Norman itinerary declared by UNESCO heritage of humanity: the cathedral of Cefalù and its cloister.
Numerous and fascinating are the villages that dot this area, the nature of the Nebrodi Park is magnificent and imposing, the sea of ​​the coast of Cefalù is turquoise and clear.

How many days does it take to visit the Cefalù area and the Nebrodi Park? If you want to stop in this area just to admire the beauties of Cefalù city and enjoy its splendid sea ​​you can decide to spend two or three days, but if you want to discover the natural wonders kept in the Nebrodi Park and visit the small villages, among the most beautiful in Italy, set among the reliefs of the Nebrodi, it will be necessary to dedicate a few more days to discover this wonderful area of ​​Sicily.

The first destination we recommend you visit in the area of ​​Cefalù and the Madonie Park is, of course, the city of Cefalù. Thanks to the magnificence of the golden mosaics of its Cathedral, the city was included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cefalù is a maritime village rich in history, around its cathedral there are monuments of considerable artistic value, it is the gateway to the Madonie area, and offers suggestive coves bathed by a crystalline sea. For all these reasons, the city of Cefalù is a must-visit destination during your trip in Sicily.

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Wonderful villages with low stone houses and narrow and winding alleys dot the peaks of the Madonie.

Ganci, defined as the "gem of the firmament" for the numerous monumental and artistic works which it guards, is a delightful medieval village nestled on the top of Monte Marrone.

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Geraci Siculo, defined the "pearl of the Madonie", is a charming village located on the slopes of the Madonie rich in medieval monuments and ancient churches.

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Polizzi Generosa is the village of Abies Nebrondensis, a botanical rarity elected as a symbol of Sicily, and it holds works of considerable artistic value in its many churches.

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Petralia Soprana and Petralia Sottana are the two sister cities with a common origin. Petralia Soprana, the highest village in the Madonie, it has been called the "author's mountain" for its splendid views and belvedere from Etna to the sea.
Petralia sottana is a small village with a typically medieval urban layout rich in monuments and works of art and an authentic sculptural heritage.

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Numerous other treasures of indisputable charm are kept among the peaks of the Madonie Park:

The area of ​​Cefalù and the Madonie Park is an unmissable destination for true nature lovers, for lovers of hiking and winter sports. The Madonie Park holds places of unique charm and is one of the places richest in biodiversity in the entire Mediterranean basin. It houses wonderful specimens of trees centuries-old, the Giant Hollies, and a species of fir at very high risk of extinction, the Abies Nebrodensis. The park delle Madonie is also of great geological interest and is part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.

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Finally, the area of ​​Cefalù offers a splendid coastline that has earned it the name of "Costa d’oro". In particular, the Gold Coast extends along the entire Arab-Norman UNESCO itinerary: it starts from the coasts of Bagheria (see Palermo area) and ends with the beaches of Cefalù and Pollina. In this area you can find all kinds of services for wet and you will have the opportunity to practice water sports, perform guided dives and rent boats, rafts and watercraft to discover the suggestive views of the coast of Cefalù.

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Towns and Villages

Towns and Villages to visit in Cefalù surroundings

 Alia  Alimena  Blufi  Bompietro  Caltavuturo  Campofelice di Roccella  Castel di Tusa  Castelbuono  Castellana Sicula  Cefalù  Cerda  Collesano  Gangi   Geraci Siculo  Gratteri  Isnello  Lascari  Montemaggiore Belsito  Parco delle Madonie   Petralia Soprana   Petralia Sottana   Polizzi Generosa  Pollina  Sant'Ambrogio  Scillato  Sclafani Bagni  Valledolmo 

Typical Products

What to eat in the Cefalù area and in the Madonie Park? The Madonie area is rich in biodiversity and the list of agri-food products is long and of absolute excellence:
the manna of the Madonie, the basilisk mushroom of the Madonie, the Sicilian black bee honey, aromatic herbs including Sicilian wild fennel and Vulgare delle Madonie oregano, cheeses such as canestrato Sicilian and Gangi fasciddatu, Sicilian durum wheat ...
Among all the products, the Manna delle Madonie stands out, white gold of Sicily, dew honey, a natural sweetener obtained from the sap of the Madonie ash. Other product delicious and typical of the Madonie area is the Basilisk mushroom, defined as the white truffle of the Madonie.

The gastronomic tradition of the Madonie is ancient and rich in dishes and dishes related to local products.
In these places you can enjoy many local specialties that you will hardly find in others places of Sicily:
pasta A Taianu, pasta in the manner of Gangi, the Sicilian broad bean fritter, U Cunigghiu and tagliatelle with beans from Polizzi Generosa, Fasoli and Finucchieddi soup,...

The confectionery tradition of these lands has also produced a long list of delicacies that you absolutely must try if you are on holiday in Cefalù and in the Madonie park:
the Sfoglio di Polizzi, the Turrunetta and the Taralli of Gangi, the Cosi Chini, the Head of Turkish and the Brighella of Castelbuono, the Cucchie di Petralia Sottana, the Instant Sicilians,...

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If you can have a memory of your holiday in Sicily, there are numerous handcrafted objects that you can find in the area of ​​Cefalù and the Madonie Park: Sicilian ceramics, Sicilian puppets and carts, Sicilian clothing, caps and jewels, Sicilian tambourines, marranzani, quartare and whistles,... but you can also find some handicrafts made in these lands according to ancient and traditional techniques.

The land of Cefalù and the Madonie Park is rich in knowledge and traditions that survive in ancient arts and crafts: in the Madonite villages there are still realities in which the dwarf palm is worked for the creation of baskets and the famous coffees, a reality in which the art of embroidery and weaving with a loom is practiced, ancient and now very rare arts wisely handed down from mother to daughter.

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