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The Ragusa area is an unmissable destination for your holiday in Sicily for the wealth of its monuments, the beauty of its landscapes, the charm of its beaches.
Among the wonders that you can discover in the Ragusa area, the three cities stand out late baroque churches of the Val di Noto UNESCO heritage: Ragusa, Modica and Scicli.
Splendid monuments from different eras enrich the cities of art of the Ragusa area, deep quarries engrave the Hyblaean plateau giving extremely suggestive landscapes, the archaeological parks accompany the traveler discovering the history of these splendid lands, the coasts and beaches are surrounded by a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub and bathed by a limpid and crystalline sea.
If you are wondering how much time to spend visiting the Ragusa area, read on.

How many days does it take to visit the Ragusa area? If you are planning your holiday in Sicily, you must at least consider two or three days to dedicate to visiting the area of Ragusa. In this way you will be able to discover the main attractions of this area that you absolutely must visit during your holiday in Sicily. But if you can dedicate a few more days to visiting the Ragusa area, you will have the opportunity to get to know these places better by discovering them the beauty of the many monuments and suggestive landscapes, enjoying a splendid sea, tasting the typical local specialties, and participating in events rich in tradition and folklore.

On your journey to discover the Ragusa area, the three late Baroque UNESCO heritage cities cannot be missed: Ragusa, Modica and Scicli. Eight cities affected by the earthquake in 1693 and later rebuilt in a unitary and recognizable late-Baroque style that still characterizes them today. You will discover the other five cities exploring the area of ​​Syracuse where you will find the late Baroque cities of Noto and Palazzolo Acreide, the area of ​​central Sicily where you will find the cities of Caltagirone and Militello Val di Catania, and finally the city of Catania in the Etna area.

Unmissable destination of your holiday in the Ragusa area is the magnificent Ragusa Ibla. Ragusa Ibla is the most neighborhood ancient city of Ragusa, the old historic center which houses wonderful monuments, over fifty churches and numerous palaces, testimony of the highest expression of the Baroque in Sicily.

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Another unmissable destination of your holiday in the Ragusa area is the city of Modica. Modica possesses a fascinating historic center, a sign of its ancient wealth: sacred buildings of exquisite Baroque taste, suggestive noble palaces, imposing steps and breathtaking views.

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Scicli is the third Ragusa city included in the list of late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto and others unmissable stop on your holiday in the Ragusa area. Sumptuous palaces and splendid churches in golden stone enrich the center history of this charming town.

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Numerous other monuments of high artistic value enrich the numerous art cities of the Ragusa area.

You can discover all the attractions of these places by selecting the location of your interest.

The Ragusa area also preserves remarkable natural beauties and highly suggestive landscapes. A feature of the area of Ragusa is the presence of the quarries, that is, deep valleys of the Iblean plateau shaped by the incessant corrosive and erosive action of atmospheric agents and rivers on the limestone rock. These are real natural paradises, rich in vegetation, streams, small water sources, cliffs, overhangs, caves that were once submerged by the sea. Some of the quarries have been inhabited since ancient times and keep numerous traces that testify the presence of man over the centuries.

The sea in the Ragusa area is suitable for any type of holiday. In the Ragusa area you can find pristine beaches surrounded by luxuriant nature suitable for lovers of nature and tranquility and suggestive seaside villages with splendid equipped beaches able to offer any comfort to the bather.

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Towns and villages

Towns and villages to visit in Ragusa surroundings

 Acate  Chiaramonte Gulfi   Comiso  Donnalucata  Giarratana  Ispica  Modica  Monterosso Almo  Pozzallo  Punta Secca  Ragusa  Santa Croce Camerina  Scicli  Vittoria 

Typical Products

If you want to find out what you eat in the Ragusa area, read on.

In the Ragusa area you can eat all the typical Sicilian specialties: arancino, caponata, pasta alla norma, cassata, granita ... but also to eat typical local specialties that you will be able to find with difficulty in other places in Sicily.

The Ragusa area boasts a rich and ancient tradition in the production of cheeses: Ragusano DOP is one of the most ancient Sicilian cheeses. The production of the PAT iblea ricotta and the Ragusan provola also stand out.

Many other typical products characterize the territory of the Ragusa area: onion from Giarratana, sesame from Ispica and sesame seed oil from Ispica, the Ispica new carrot, the Cosaruciaru bean from Scicli ...

The Ragusa area preserves a rich culinary tradition that will allow you to taste many typical specialties and traditional: Scacce from Ragusa, Ncucciatieddu with pumpkin and ricotta, Rabbit alla "Pattuisa", Pastieri from Ragusa, Breaded lamb and cuttlefish,...

The confectionery tradition of the Ragusa area also offers a long list of delicacies: Turkish heads from Scicli, 'Mpanatigghie from Modica, peaches from Santa Croce Camerina, Ragusan Mpagnuccata, boiled biscuits,...

Wines of the Ragusa area: Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG, the Vittoria DOC...

A product of excellence from the Ragusa area is Modica chocolate, a unique chocolate in the world obtained by following an ancient and traditional process characterized by the presence of still whole grains of sugar.

Cioccolato di Modica
Cioccolato di Modica

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Going in search of handicrafts in the Ragusa area means taking a journey through ancient customs and traditions that the passage of time has not erased. The Ragusa area has a great tradition in the production of embroidery and precious artifacts. The art of embroidery and that of the Sicilian runway, a particular technique of embroidery on linen, have their origins in eastern Sicily between the thirteenth and millennium (much earlier than in the rest of Italy and Europe) where they found widespread diffusion in the Ragusa area under Arab rule. The first embroideries were done in the Moorish style in blue and white. Even today there are several centers in Ragusa where the art of embroidery it is still practiced and handed down. In particular, the town of Chiaramonte Gulfi has been defined as the home of linen laces and yarns precious: in the Museum of the Sicilian Parade there are numerous masterpieces that were already created in the Middle Ages by the skilled hands of experts embroiderers, the first custodians of those secrets that have been transmitted to the current generations of artisans.

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