Island of Ustica

Island of Ustica

Tourist Attractions

What to see in the island of Ustica

Ustica is a wonderful island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Palermo, in Sicily. It is the ideal place for sea lovers thanks to its wonderful beaches and suggestive sea ​​caves. It is renowned for its clear waters and the still intact marine ecosystem that make it one of the most sought after destinations in the Mediterranean by snorkelers and scuba divers.

Ustica is the "black pearl of the Mediterranean", a splendid island of volcanic origin which constitutes the summit of a vast volcanic apparatus that emerged more than 1,600,000 years ago. Its territory is all enclosed by the Oriented Nature Reserve, the unspoiled nature makes it a popular destination also for lovers of trekking and biking.

The island of Ustica is also an interesting destination for archeology enthusiasts. A prehistoric village dating back to the Bronze Age, finds from later ages, rock and early Christian tombs, two interesting archaeological-submarine routes and an Archaeological Museum constitute the highlights of a interesting archaeological itinerary.

If you are wondering how much time to spend visiting the island of Ustica, read on.

If you are planning your beach holiday on the island of Ustica, you can decide to spend just a couple of days or a weekend to be able to enjoy its beautiful sea, but if you really want to dive in the beauties of this island and its wonderful sea you must consider at least a few more days.

If you are wondering how to reach the island of Ustica, read on.

How to get to the island of Ustica?

Ustica can be easily reached by sea from Palermo by catamaran, ship or hydrofoil. The service is available every day. The crossing takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by ferry and just over 1 hour by hydrofoil.

Ustica is the ideal destination for true lovers of the sea. If you want to know all the beaches and the coves of this beautiful island read on.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Ustica?

On the island of Ustica each beach hides its peculiarity that makes it unique and spectacular. You will find beaches equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas, sandy beaches and pebble beaches and with large lava stones, and each of these is bathed by a wonderful clear, clean and crystalline sea. Find out which beaches best meet your needs.

Next to the wonderful beaches, along the coasts of Ustica, there are many e suggestive caves that you can reach comfortably by boat or, in some cases, with a walk along the trails of the island.

The real wealth of Ustica, however, is found under the sea: the seabed around the island they are considered among the most beautiful dive sites in the Mediterranean, a real paradise for lovers snorkeling and diving. The Marine Protected Area of ​​Ustica preserves this immense treasure by preserving a unique biodiversity from the world. The depths of Ustica also house an underwater museum, with amphorae, anchors and ancient finds that further enrich the diving experience in Ustica.

Ustica, the black island due to its volcanic origin, hides incredible inside secrets that deserve to be revealed by participating in trekking, biking and excursions. Through the paths that you give beaches lead inland and cross expanses of vines and prickly pears, you will come into contact with the authentic side and wild of the island. The entire territory of Ustica is enclosed by the Ustica Nature Reserve: nature is protected, lush and unspoiled. Having reached the heart of the island and climbed its summit, known as the Guard of the Turks, you will enjoy an unparalleled view of the entire island and its beautiful sea.

The island of Ustica still has a lot to offer: the picturesque town of Ustica whose streets they are enriched by numerous mosaics, archaeological sites of considerable historical interest, necropolis, ancient towers of sighting, museums ... all elements that will make your holiday in Ustica complete and unforgettable.

Typical Products

What to taste in teh Island of Ustica

The fertile lava soils of Ustica offer healthy and genuine products grown according to ancient and traditional techniques, without herbicides and without chemical fertilizers, respecting the environment and nature.

If you want to find out what you eat on the island of Ustica, read on.

What to eat on the island of Ustica?

The representative product of the island of Ustica is the lentil of Ustica, one of the principals Sicilian slow food par excellence. It is characterized by its small size, it is prized for its intense taste, for the its perfume and its tenderness.

The agriculture of the island of Ustica is oriented to the cultivation of legumes: in addition to lentils from Ustica, we find white beans, chickpeas, cicerchie and beans from Ustica. The tender beans of Ustica they are also grown according to organic farming methods and boast Slow Food recognition.

In recent years, the cultivation of an ancient and local wheat has resumed on the island of Ustica, the Pilusedda, which today can be tasted in the island's restaurants.

Ustica lentil is the main ingredient of the gastronomic panorama of the island of Ustica. The classic Ustica lentil soup is certainly the most traditional and representative dish of the island. Today, however, the lentils of Ustica have become the protagonists of numerous new recipes: panelle of lentil flour, caponata with lentil and apple oil, lentil arancine, lentil and fish or shellfish-based first courses, and lentil-based desserts and cocoa. Another typical dish of the cuisine of the island of Ustica, closely linked to the territory, is the traditional macco di fave and fennel made with Ustica beans.

The fertile land of the island of Ustica is bathed by a splendid sea full of fish. There are many delicacies that enrich the tables of the restaurants in Ustica: barracuda, which on the island of Ustica is called "aluzzo", swordfish, grouper, albacore tuna,…. Very characteristic is the parapangolo: a very small local red shrimp, of which the carapace is also eaten, so subtle to be imperceptible on the palate.

Interesting Facts

What to know about Island of Ustica

After immersing yourself in the splendid sea of ​​the island of Ustica, discovered the beauties hidden inside, savoring the genuine goodness of its products, we send you to discover some little curiosities, some anecdotes and some legends that will add charm to the places that you will visit during your holiday in Ustica.

Prehistoric village of Ustica Natural Calendar

A study of archaeoastronomy claims that the place where the prehistoric village of Ustica stands was chosen to have a natural calendar.

Legend of the Princess of Ustica

The legend of the princess tells of a mysterious treasure hidden in Ustica. It is not known if this treasure was ever found.

Ustica: the island of Circe

The island of Ustica is believed to be the home of the sorceress Circe, a woman capable of transforming unexpected visitors into pigs.

Ustica and the Doctor's Rock

The Scoglio del Medico, one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Mediterranean, owes its name to Homer.


The first name of the island of Ustica was "Osteodes", in Greek "ossuary", so called because the skeletons of 6,000 Carthaginian soldiers were found here.

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