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Messina area

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Cities of art, picturesque seaside villages, ancient mountain villages, unspoiled nature and a fabulous sea make Messina and the Nebrodi Park an essential destination for your holiday in Sicily.
In your travel through the beauties of the Messina area and the Nebrodi Park you can admire the largest and most complex mechanical watch to the world, discover the splendid castles that dot this area, stroll through the narrow and winding cobbled streets of the mountain villages, be fascinated by the colors and scents of the splendid seaside villages that follow one another along the coast, explore evocative landscapes steeped in art, history and mystery, immerse yourself in the waters clear and crystalline of this splendid Sicilian sea.

How many days does it take to visit the area of ​​Messina and the Nebrodi Park? If you are planning your holiday in Sicily, you may decide to spend a couple days or a weekend to visit the main attractions of the Messina area and the Nebrodi Park or, if ou have the opportunity, dedicate a few more days to visiting this area, thus having the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of its many monuments, to experience the surreal atmosphere of its ancient villages and the atmosphere of celebration and holiday in seaside villages, to immerse yourself in the magnificence of its nature and the enchantment of its sea.

An obligatory stop on your itinerary to discover the Messina area is the city of the strait: Messina. The city of Messina has very ancient roots, great cultural heritages value and boasts the largest and most complex mechanical astronomical clock in the world.

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What to see in Messina?

In the area of ​​Messina and the Nebrodi Park you can discover some fascinating places particular, suggestive places where nature blends with history, mystery and art.
This is the case of Argimusco, one of the most mysterious and evocative places in the whole of Sicily, a complex of millenary rocks with anthropomorphic shapes and zoomorphic whose origin is still shrouded in mystery today.
Another original combination of nature and art is offered by Fiumara d’arte, a picturesque open-air museum consisting of a series of twelve works by contemporary artists.
Other Land art work present in the Messina area are the Sentinels of the suburban park of Buticari, guardians of the tracks of the history of the island.

There are many villages that dot the peaks of the Messina hinterland. Imposing castles, ancient and sumptuous monuments, narrow cobbled streets and leaning houses are some of the distinctive elements of these villages.

Lively seaside villages dot the coasts of the Messina area. Castles that dominate the sea, important sanctuaries that rise solemnly on high cliffs, colored tiles that decorate streets, houses and squares.

The unspoiled nature of the Nebrodi Park is another reason to visit this onewonderful area of ​​Sicily.
Splendid panoramas, dense woods, small lakes, suggestive waterfalls enrich these places and offer the visitor the opportunity to practice numerous sports in close contact with nature: trekking, biking, quad biking, horseback riding and trekking,...

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What to see in Nebrodi Park?

Another reason to visit the Messina area is to enjoy its splendid sea. Large beaches that offer every type of service to the bather alternate with small, rich hidden corners of great charm.

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Towns and Villages

Towns and Villages to visit in Messina surroundings and in the Nebrodi Park

 Acquedolci  Alcara li Fusi  Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto  Basicò  Brolo  Capizzi  Capo d'Orlando   Capri Leone  Caronia  Castanea delle Furie  Castel di Lucio  Castell'Umberto  Castroreale  Cesarò  Falcone  Floresta  Frazzanò  Furnari  Galati Mamertino  Gioiosa Marea  Gualtieri Sicaminò  Librizzi  Messina  Milazzo  Militello Rosmarino  Mirto  Mistretta  Monforte San Giorgio  Montagnareale  Montalbano Elicona   Naso  Novara di Sicilia  Oliveri  Pace del Mela  Parco dei Nebrodi  Pettineo  Piraino  Raccuja  Rodì Milici  Rometta  San Filippo Del Mela  San Fratello  San Marco D'Alunzio  San Pier Niceto  San Piero Patti  San Salvatore di Fitalia  Sant'Agata di Militello  Sant'Angelo Di Brolo  Santa Domenica Vittoria  Santa Lucia Del Mela  Santo Stefano di Camastra   Saponara  Sinagra  Spadafora  Terme Vigliatore  Tindari - Patti  Torregrotta  Torrenova  Tortorici  Tusa  Ucria  Venetico  Villafranca Tirrena 

Typical Products

The agri-food excellence of the Nebrodi Park and the ancient culinary tradition of the Messina area, alone constitute a valid reason to visit the area of ​​Messina and the Nebrodi Park.

The rich and genuine agri-food production is accompanied by the ancient culinary tradition of the Messina area.
Some typical Sicilian dishes, known throughout Italy, were born in the Messina area and alone in these places they are still prepared according to the ancient original recipe.
This is the case with Pasta 'Ncasciata and Stocco alla Messinese, two dishes from the ancient Sicilian tradition. Many other dishes that enrich the tables of Messina and the Nebrodi area, on the other hand, arise from a reinterpretation of classic recipes.

The confectionery tradition of the Messina area offers a series of dishes rich in tradition and goodness.

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Typical handicrafts items of the Messina area

If you want to keep a souvenir of your holiday in Sicily, you will have the opportunity to buy in the area of ​​Messina and the Nebrodi Park many typical Sicilian handicraft products: Sicilian ceramics, Sicilian puppets, Sicilian carts, tambourines, the Marranzani, the Sicilian quartare and whistles, the Sicilian coffees and flat caps, jewels and typical Sicilian clothing. In particular, however, the area of ​​Messina and the Nebrodi Park has been able to preserve and pass on ancient arts that still today they live in artisanal productions.

Among the main artisan productions of the Messina area, craftsmanship stands out of wrought iron. The processing of wrought iron had one of its most important centers in Tortorici and, in over the years, it has seen a shift of the production nuclei towards the coastal areas with the greatest tourist traffic where the artistic artefacts in wrought iron have now become highly sought after objects.

Lavorazione del ferro battuto

A very particular and less and less widespread form of art is production artistic-handcrafted of Sicilian knives. Originally this was a very flourishing business in San Fratello and in other municipalities in the Messina area, today the new generations have progressively abandoned this type of processing and the artisanal production of the Sicilian knife resists only thanks to the ability and tenacity of some skilled people master blacksmiths craftsmen.

Coltelli siciliani

Another very flourishing craft activity in the Messina area is ceramics. The pottery of Santo Stefano di Camastra and the pottery of Patti are renowned. The pottery of Santo Stefano di Camastra is characterized by floral motifs and bright colors with colors ranging from cobalt blue honey yellow and red. Patti's ceramics have the peculiarity of having been linked to the production of pots, the "Pignate", of dishes, with the characteristic drawing of a rooster depicted in a standing position, facing left, and jugs.

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