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The distance from the sea that unites the cities of the area of ​​central Sicily also binds history, customs and traditions traditions of these cities.
They are cities that have had a glorious past that lives on in the great monuments of this area, cities with ancient traditions that time has not erased, they are small villages where time seems to have stopped.
If you are wondering how much time to spend visiting the Sicilian hinterland, read on.

How many days does it take to visit the area of Sicily Hinterland? If you are planning your holiday in Sicily, you must at least consider a couple of days from spend in the Sicilian hinterland. In this way you will have the opportunity to admire the main beauties of the area, places that cannot be missed in your holiday in Sicily. If you are interested in really knowing this land and you have the opportunity to dedicate a few more days to the area of ​​central Sicily, you will not be disappointed at all because the list of beauties of this area is really long.

In an artistic and cultural itinerary in the area of ​​central Sicily, the Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina is a destination that you absolutely cannot miss. The Villa Romana del Casale is a superb historical testimony and art of the imperial era and houses more than 3000 square meters of precious mosaics, considered the most beautiful and the best preserved of their kind. Due to these characteristics, the villa has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another unmissable and extremely suggestive destination in an artistic and cultural itinerary in the area of the center of Sicily is the castle of Sperlinga. It is a medieval castle partly excavated and partly perched on the majestic sandstone cliff overlooking the town of Sperlinga. Its structure was obtained from a single monolith above caves of sacred temples that date back to 4,000 years ago. For these unique characteristics in the world, a visit to the castle of Sperlinga is an unmissable destination for your holiday in the Sicilian hinterland.

Another destination of considerable interest in a historical cultural itinerary in the Sicilian hinterland is the city of Aidone where the Archaeological Park of Morgantina is located, still under excavation, which preserves, in a context naturalistic of great beauty, an ancient and glorious city abandoned. The fact that the city is being abandoned makes it a site of extreme interest as it has not undergone any transformations due to the continuity of life.

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The area of Sicily Hinterland holds two other jewels declared heritage of humanity by UNESCO: these are the late Baroque cities of Caltagirone and Militello Val di Catania. On the list of the late Baroque cities eight cities hit by the earthquake in 1693 have been included in the Val di Noto and later rebuilt in a style unitary and recognizable late Baroque that still characterizes them today. You can discover the other six cities by exploring the area of Syracuse where you will find the late Baroque cities of Noto and Palazzolo Acreide, the area of ​​Ragusa where you will find the cities of Modica and Scicli and finally the Etna area with the city of Catania.

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The city of Enna is of great interest, rich in history, with Baroque churches, Greek ruins, Frederick's fortifications, multimedia museums and breathtaking landscapes.

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Many other places and monuments of considerable interest preserve the Sicilian hinterland. Discover them by selecting the location of your interest.

In the Sicilian hinterland, you can combine your historical and cultural itinerary with a fascinating naturalistic itinerary to discover the natural beauties of this land.

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Towns and Villages

Towns and Villages to visit in the Sicily Center

 Acquaviva Platani  Agira  Aidone  Barrafranca  Calascibetta  Caltagirone  Caltanissetta  Castel di Iudica  Centuripe  Cerami  Delia  Enna  Gagliano Castelferrato  Grammichele  Leonforte  Licodia Eubea  Mazzarino  Mazzarrone  Milena  Militello In Val di Catania  Mineo  Mussomeli  Nicosia  Palagonia  Piazza Armerina  Pietraperzia  Raddusa  Ramacca  Regalbuto  Riesi  San Cataldo  San Cono  San Michele di Ganzaria  Scordia  Sommatino  Sperlinga  Sutera  Troina  Valguarnera Caropepe   Villalba  Villarosa  Vizzini 

Typical Products

In the Sicilian hinterland you can eat all the typical dishes of the Sicilian tradition: parmigiana, caponata, pasta alla norma...
but the Sicily Hinterland is a land rich in gastronomic traditions and therefore you can eat here some dishes that you will hardly find elsewhere: the Sicilian gateau, the frascatula with wild fennel, the polenta di cicerchia, the maccu di fave, the pasta 'ncasciata all'ennese, the muffulettes of Caltagirone ...

In the center of Sicily you can also eat delicious desserts that are the result of ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation, like the Sicilian buccellato, a typical Sicilian dessert found in the Sicilian hinterland wide spread, the cassatelle di Agira, cicerchia biscuits, the mastazzola di Enna, the tortone di Sperlinga, the panareddi di Caltagirone ...

Finally, in the Sicilian hinterland you will be able to find typical agri-food products of this area.

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If you want to take a souvenir of your holiday with you, something traditional, what about these lands and their tractions, the area of ​​central Sicily offers you endless possibilities. In the cities and inland towns still survive ancient craft traditions, jealously handed down from generation to generation, which ensure that the handicrafts of this place in Sicily are of high artistic value and highly sought after.

If you are in the area of ​​central Sicily, if you want to buy something that speaks of Sicily and which finds its origins and diffusion in these lands, you absolutely must buy a ceramic artefact from Caltagirone. Caltagirone ceramics is perhaps the most representative artisan product of Sicily, its ancient history has its own roots in these lands, the skill of the artisans has reached very high standards here, the objects produced have a unique design and inimitable. Among the artistic ceramic artefacts of Caltagirone you can find plates, bowls, vases of all shapes and sizes, quartare, holy water stoups, tiles, but also the characteristic Sicilian pine cones and Sicilian Moor's heads. Among the artistic artifacts in Catagirone ceramic, the Caltagirone whistle (which can also be made of terracotta) is perhaps the most characteristic because it contains the culture and history of the city of Caltagirone: born as games for children to be used on the occasion of patronal feasts, or as a gift between engaged couples, the whistles of Caltagirone today represent an original souvenir of your holiday in Sicily.

Ceramics is an art widespread in numerous centers of the Sicilian hinterland: Caltanissetta is known for its colorful ceramics where the influence of the Norman taste transpires; Riesi is a big center for the terracotta processing. In Centuripe the processing of ceramics is aimed at the reproduction of ancient works Sicilian:
archaeological replicas of the Greco-Roman period, jewelry from the Etruscan and Roman periods that become objects of furniture and design.

A craft activity typical of the Sicilian hinterland, and in particular of the cities of Regalbuto, Aidone, Troina and Mussomeli, is the working of wrought iron. With creativity and passion these skilled iron craftsmen create priceless artistic artifacts, such as flower boxes, pot holders, hangers, ... In this area the art of wrought iron has its roots in the seventeenth century, when the blacksmith shops began a prestigious production of gates and balconies destined to embellish the aristocratic patrician residences.

The Sicily Hinterland also boasts other important craft traditions. In the city of Leonforte the art of embroidery survives: delicate and refined embroiderers are created by the skilled hands of Leonforte's embroiderers works. The art of Leonforte embroidery is the legacy of the women's education activity carried out in the convent by the nuns Salesians of the College of Mary. Today the order has left the institute but the laity continue to keep this reality alive with a embroidery workshop in which ancient techniques and production methods are handed down. In some sicilian villages such as Santa Caterina Villarmosa and San Cataldo the embroiderers carry on a rich heritage of traditions by producing embroideries, laces and laces of the highest value and beauty. In Mirabella Imbaccari, the tradition of the tombolo is alive of the finest Sicilian lace. An entire museum is dedicated to this precious art, the Permanent Tombolo Exhibition.

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