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Why Enjoy Sicilia?

Enjoy Sicilia was created to meet the needs of tourists who are not satisfied with hit and run, but when they visit a place they want to admire its beauties, but also to savor its flavors and smells, learn about the customs and traditions of the local people, customs and habits, go to the discovery of the most authentic part of Sicily to fully enjoy the trip, be it a weekend or a longer vacation.

Why is Sicily a good place to visit?

Sicily is a perfect destination for any type of holiday. In each of its areas, Sicily will satisfy the most demanding tourists. Beautiful beaches and a wonderful sea just a few minutes from hilly parks, mountains, and especially in the Catania area the volcano Etna. In Sicily you will find splendid baroque cities, archaeological parks with the remains of ancient Greek colonies, Medieval villages perched along the coasts but also castles and fortresses built in the Sicilian hinterland. In many villages, customs and traditions still survive, as well as idioms that reveal the mix of cultures which overlapped during the numerous dominations that have occurred in Sicily.

How were the areas of tourist interest chosen?

All of Sicily is a large area of tourist interest and it is really difficult to find a corner of Sicily that is not worth visiting. The areas chosen do not correspond to the geopolitical subdivision of Sicily, but are designed to allow the "Tourist" to fully enjoy his trip. For each area it is necessary to spend at least one weekend, but a few more days would be preferable. Each of the 14 areas that the staff has selected allows you to discover places, attractions, taste typical products and admire local crafts, and learn about typical uses and traditions of that precise area you are visiting.