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The Agrigento area is known throughout the world because it houses a treasure of inestimable value: the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. It is an extraordinary monumental and landscape heritage of the classical age declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The magnificence of this site alone constitutes a valid reason to visit the Agrigento area. But the beauties enclosed in this area are many and of considerable value and will allow you to further enrich your holiday in the Agrigento area, a Sicilian destination not to be missed.

How many days does it take to visit the Agrigento area?. By planning your holiday in Sicily, you can choose whether to spend only a few days in Agrigento area and admire its main places of interest, or choose to spend a whole week and immerse yourself in the beauties of this place, discovering how many treasures and how much tradition encloses this land.

The unmissable destination of your holiday in the Agrigento area is the Valley of the Temples, one of the largest and most interesting archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Inside, the Temple of Concord, together with the Parthenon, is considered the best preserved Doric temple in the world. Many other attractions are enclosed in this UNESCO site.

What to see in the Valley of Temples

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A historical and cultural itinerary in the Agrigento area still has a lot to offer: ancient and modern cities of art preserve monuments and archaeological sites of considerable value.

The city of Sciacca is a place rich in history and architecture, it is a city with ancient traditions that still survive today in craftsmanship and folklore.

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The city of Favara is another unmissable destination in Sicily for art lovers. Disfigured by tall and gray buildings, it preserves in its historic center an ancient village restored with art and beauty. In Favara it will be possible to admire grandiose monuments of the past and splendid examples of contemporary art in the Farm Cultural Park, considered among the best destinations in the world for lovers of contemporary art.

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Continuing along a historical-artistic itinerary in the Agrigento area, a position of great importance occupies the city of Gela, a city with a rich artistic, cultural and religious heritage.

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The Agrigento area holds numerous other hidden treasures of absolute value.

The sea in the Agrigento area offers unique emotions. The coast is characterized by an alternation of wide and long beaches of golden sand and cliffs and rocky ridges whose distinctive feature is the white color. The famous Scala dei Turchi is the best known stretch of this stretch of coast.

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Towns and Villages

Towns and Villages to visit in Agrigento surroundings

 Agrigento  Aragona  Bivona  Burgio  Butera  Caltabellotta  Cammarata  Campobello di Licata  Casteltermini  Castrofilippo  Cattolica Eraclea  Cianciana  Favara  Gela  Grotte  Joppolo Giancaxio  Licata  Naro  Niscemi  Palma di Montechiaro  Porto Empedocle  Racalmuto  Raffadali  Ravanusa  Realmonte  Ribera  San Biagio Platani  San Giovanni Gemini  Sant'Angelo Muxaro  Santo Stefano Quisquina  Sciacca  Siculiana  Valle dei Templi 

Typical Products

Typical dishes

During your stay in the Agrigento area, we recommend that you taste the typical local specialties that have their origins in the lands of Agrigento. These are dishes that you will not be able to taste in other places in Sicily: Pitaggio, pasta co capuliato, sole alla saccense, breaded from Gela, tabisca saccense, sweet cous cous... Of course, in the Agrigento area you can also find traditional dishes of Sicilian cuisine: caponata, parmigiana, pasta with sardines...

In addition to the traditional dishes of the Agrigento area, to find out what you eat in Agrigento area's places, you must try the traditional local sweets. The name of each dessert tells its own story and its recipe is jealously guarded and handed down from generation to generation.


Finally, to conclude your food and wine tour to discover the excellence of the land of Agrigento, we suggest some wines that are exclusive to this area.

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If you are looking for an object, a souvenir, a gift idea that you tell about your holiday in Sicily, in the Agrigento area you will find many typical Sicilian handicraft products: wrought iron objects, pine cones and Moor's heads, tambourines , quartare and marranzani, Sicilian puppets and carts, clothing and jewelry in a typical Sicilian style ... but also and above all some typical products of the artisanal production of these places.

An ancient land such as that of the Agrigento area preserves ancient traditions that have come to us through the skill of master craftsmen. It is the ancient traditions of Sciacca ceramics, Sciacca coral processing and ceramics of Burgio that tell the story of these places.

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