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Passito: "the nectar of the gods"

A legend explains why Passito di Pantelleria, also known as Zibibbo, is called the nectar of the gods .

Mulberries and legend of Thisbe and Pyramus

Mulberries and legend of Thisbe and Pyramus

Mulberry tree was for the Greeks a plant rich in symbolism, consecrated to the god Pan for what it symbolized: intelligence and passion.

Places of

Places of "A bigger splash" - Pantelleria

The uncontaminated nature of the island of Pantelleria was the setting for the scenes of the film A bigger splash .

Legend of Ulysses and Calypso

Legend of Ulysses and Calypso

The Sataria cave in Pantelleria is the place where, according to legend, Ulysses met the beautiful sea goddess Calypso.

Legend of the Mirror of Venus

Legend of the Mirror of Venus

The Mirror Lake of Venus in Pantelleria is a place full of charm, suspended between reality and legend.

Dummusi of Pantelleria

Dummusi of Pantelleria

The Dammusi are the typical buildings of the island of Pantelleria, outside the inhabited centers it is the only type of housing present.

Legend of

Legend of "Leap of the old woman"

There is a place in Pantelleria, a very high rocky edge, known as Salto della vecchia to which a legend is linked.