Garden of Victory in Adrano

Garden of Victory in Adrano

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 Via Spampinato Aurelio, 5 - Adrano (CT)

The Garden of Victory of Adrano, or Villa Comunale, with its 35,000 square meters of surface is the largest green lung in the city.
It was inaugurated in 1925, in honor of the 299 young people who died during the First World War. At that time it was the site of highly appreciated musical concerts, directed by Maestro Barbabietola, which managed to attract many citizens even from neighboring cities. The Second World War brought numerous damages to the gardens, caused not only by bombing, but also by the citizens themselves who, to get the "tobacco" dug the jambs of the palms leaving deep scars, the wheat was sown in the flower beds and the iron gate removed , to offer it to the homeland.
The municipal villa still preserves marvelous secular trees and numerous architectural elements, such as artistic and scenographic basins, fountains and busts, sculpted in marble, depicting famous adranite personalities, such as Giuseppe Guzzardi, appreciated painter, Domenico Sanfilippo founder of the newspaper La Sicilia and Carmelo Salanitro , professor of literature, anti-fascist, killed in Mauthausen.
In addition to the sculptures of the aforementioned figures, it contains the lava stone, the carob tree and the olive tree, with a clear symbolic meaning, in memory of Judges Falcone and Borsellino and the fallen of the Mafia.
Inside the villa there is an equipped play area and an area for sports activities.

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