Proserpina Fountain in Catania

Proserpina Fountain in Catania

Francesco Lombardi - CC4.0


 Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII - Catania (CT)

The Proserpina Fountain in Catania built in 1904 by the sculptor Giulio Moschetti near the Catania station with the aim of embellishing the area adjacent to the station which was less populous at that time. In creating the monumental work, Moschetti chose the Rape of Proserpina as a mythological theme.
The sculptor created the impressive work among the largest in Sicily, placing the Goddess Proserpina, her husband, together with a host of sea horses and sirens. The God Pluto is represented in all his vigor, highlighted by the powerful body, represented by a face of resentment due to the resistance of Proserpina. On the other hand, the goddess Proserpina depicted in a slender body and desperate gaze, who tries to struggle in vain to escape fate. The two protagonists were represented at the moment of the kidnapping on top of a rocky rise. A dynamic of intertwined bodies that give it a strong realism. The characters are wrapped in pathos: a rocky rise generated by the mother earth in which Pluto grabs Proserpina in a lightning way, who squirms invoking help. The sea horses represented at the foot of the statues are rearing and runaway to recall the drama of the moment. The sculpture was made of smooth raw concrete for the reduced cost compared to the precious bronze. The larger tank than the sculptural group, has an irregular shape both in depth and in geometry, with high and low points. Protrusions that create a beautiful play of water that flows from the various points around it. In the evening when the sun goes down, the lights placed inside offer a suggestive and scenographic show.

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