Bellini Garden in Catania

Bellini Garden in Catania

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 Via Etnea, 292 - Catania (CT)

The Bellini Garden, also called Villa Bellini, is the main place for recreation and relaxation in the city of Catania, thanks also to the various services that the structure houses inside such as the bambinopoli toilets, sports equipment and a kiosk.
Located in the historic center, it is the main air lung of the city of Catania. The Villa Bellini in Catania is embellished with various statues, fountains, flowery meadows and hedges.
Villa Bellini was built at the behest of Prince Ignazio Paternò Castello in the eighteenth century. In 1854 it was purchased by the municipality of Catania who decided to restore it, entrusting the work to the Catania architect Landolina. In 1880 the Avenue of Illustrious Men was inaugurated: a long avenue with a series of busts erected on columns depicting various important characters of Italian and Catania history. In 1932 the monumental entrance located in Via Etnea was inaugurated, which has now become the main entrance to the Bellini park (Villa Bellini has an additional entrance from Piazza Roma). The entrance to Via Etnea is through a long staircase, flanked by flower beds that lead to a small square with a pool full of water in the center, where it was once occupied by swans. Very spectacular is the large clock, whose dial is made up of evergreen plants, located on the hill.

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