Bellini Civic Museum in Catania

Bellini Civic Museum in Catania


 Piazza San Francesco, 3 - Catania (CT)

The Vincenzo Bellini Museum is located in Catania in the eighteenth-century Gravina Cruylas palace, the place where the musician was born on the night between 2 and 3 November 1801.
The birthplace was declared a national monument on 29 November 1923 and inaugurated on 5 May 1930. . The various rooms reflect the original condition of the Birthplace: the hexagonal tiles, the cross vaults, the small balconies on Via V. Emanuele, the suggestive well, recreating the magic of a place that has faced many difficulties before becoming a museum institution. . The museum itinerary of the birthplace follows the evolution of the composer's life and career, starting from a small entrance that leads to the alcove where little Bellini was born, to end in the equally small funeral room (then the kitchen). Room D is of particular interest, where numerous autographed musical manuscripts are collected. The Museum today, after a long period of renovation, boasts a new layout and has grown, continuing its exhibition on the noble floor of the same building; here the visitor will be able to admire the prestigious collection of pianos, which played the magical melodies of the Catanese Swan, posters and playbills of Bellini's celebrations. The museum's rich library has also been moved to the noble floor with a multimedia room equipped with an Access Point.

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