Diocesian Museum in Catania

Diocesian Museum in Catania

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 Via Etnea, 8 - Catania (CT)

The Diocesan Museum of Catania is housed in the Seminary of the Clerics adjacent to the Cathedral of Sant'Agata.
From the museum you can access both the terraces of the palace of the Seminary of the Clerics and of Porta Uzeda, from which you can admire two splendid panoramas: on one side, the spectacle of piazza del Duomo di Catania with fontana dell'Elefante and via Etna and Mount Etna sullo sfondo; on the other, the walls of Charles V, the port of Catania with the arches of Marina up to the Ursino Castle. Also from the museum you can also access to the splendid underground complex of Terme Achelliane, a journey into the bowels of the city, where the Amenano river flows, whose waters rise to the surface in the nearby Amenano fountain in the square in front. The museum is structured in two distinct sections which include, the first, the sacred furnishings of the cathedral of Catania and the second, furnishings from other churches in the city and from churches of the Etna province. This last section also includes the picture gallery included in the museum. The exhibition space is divided over four floors as well as a ground floor room that contains the fercolo of Sant'Agata, in finely chiseled silver.

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