Pietra Rosa Theater in Pollina

Pietra Rosa Theater in Pollina

Carlo Columba - CC2.5


 Viale Alfredo Musotto, 21 - Pollina (PA)

The Teatro di Pietra Rosa is a modern theater set on the rock with the charm of an ancient Greek theater.
It stands on a high promontory and its privileged position gives it a magical light and a breathtaking view.
Must its name derives from the characteristic color of the stone used to build it but above all to the particular color it assumes at sunset.
It was built in 1979, based on a project by the Venetian architect Antonio Foscari, at the foot of the medieval tower of the Ventimiglia Castle.
It has all the characteristics of Greek theaters: the staircase converging towards the stage scene, the size that can accommodate a thousand spectators, the panoramic view and the tiers.
During the summer, theatrical performances, concerts and other manifestations.

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