Tower of the Marquis of Geraci in Finale

Tower of the Marquis of Geraci in Finale

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Torre del Marchese di Geraci in Finale is a watchtower of the Spanish fortification.
The tower, owned by the Marquis of Geraci, dates back to 1596 and was built for defensive and sighting purposes. It was born following the reconnaissance of the Sicilian coast undertaken by the engineer Camillo Camilliani and was in visual connection with the towers of Rais Gerbi, Selichente and Castel di Tusa.
It stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the beach below. Built entirely of local stone, the structure has a square base, two windows side by side on the sea side, one off-centre on the west side and the entrance on the opposite side to the sea side. All the openings are framed by sturdy tuff squares.
Inside, a fireplace and a staircase was built in the thickness of the wall.
In the second half of the eighties, a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea was built which surrounds the structure, in 2014 the tower became a museum and temporary exhibitions.

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