Archimedes and his Eureka


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Archimedes of Syracuse pronounced his famous "Eureka" when he managed to solve a difficult question by Gerone II.
Archimedes, a scientist considered one of the most important of all time, was born in Syracuse, he elaborated his brilliant theories here, and died here in 2012 BC, after the conquest of the city by the Roman troops.
The power plant piazza Archimede and the statue of Archimedes in Syracuse, are a tribute to the scientist who, among the thousand inventions, found the solution to a complicated request proposed by Gerone II: to find out if a crown they had given him, was gold or not, without but damage the crown itself.
Archimedes solved the difficult problem by immersing the crown and its equivalent in gold coins in water. Discovering that the two objects did not move the same quantities of water, he understood that the crown was not gold.
It was precisely when he was able to answer this request that Archimedes pronounced the famous "Eureka".

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La Terra di Archimede
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