Capo d'Orlando and Greek mythology


According to Greek mythology, Capo D'Orlando was founded by Agatirso, son of the king of the winds Aeolus.
The foundation, according to legend, dates back to times not far from the Trojan War, around 1183 BC. and from the beginning the town would have kept the name of Agatirso, "he who bears the splendid thyrsus": it was therefore a city sacred to the cult of Dionysus, symbolized by the "thyrsus", the ritual stick attributed to the Greek god.
Life of this ancient city was very prosperous thanks to the presence of the nearby port which favored commercial exchanges. Nine centuries later, in 210 BC, according to the chronicles of Tito Livio, Agatirso or Agatirno, it underwent a massive deportation: over 4000 of its inhabitants were deported to Calabria in order to disperse the Dionysian cult. The ancient Agatirno was thus abandoned for a long time. To find news of the city it will be necessary to wait until the Carolingian period.

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